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Metrics Library

A growing list of metrics available in Agile Tools

Absolute Revenue Forecast Error
Are your revenues foreseeable?
Annual Recurring Revenue
Is company operationally and financially predictable and stable?
Backlog Health
How well is your Product Backlog maintained?
Backlog Size
Does your product backlog look like an ideas collector?
Build and Integration Frequency
How are you doing at continuous integration?
Customer Base Lifetime Value
How much you should spend on customer acquisition?
Customer Churn
How sticky is your service?
Customer Satisfaction Gap
Do your customers get the experience they expect?
Cycle Time
How quickly can the team convert a requirement into a done increment?
Defect Leakage
Are your product increments really releasable?
Employee Turnover
Do you have a healthy employee turnover rate?
Forecast Accuracy
How well is this team doing at work forecasting?
Lead Time
How long does it take to get a new feature to a customer?
Market Share
How big is your slice of the cake?
Market Size
What is your potential?
Mean Time To Repair
Can customers rely on your ability to remove defects quickly?
Product Gross Margin
How much of sales revenue is left after costs?
Product Profit Margin
Which Products are in the black?
Release Frequency
How often do your clients get updates?
Revenue Forecast Error
Are you hitting your revenue targets consistently?
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