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OKR Software

Agile Tools OKR Software green grass
Suitable for startups and SMEs to help them reach their success!

We believe Agile Tools encourages the best OKR practices that evolved
during many years of implementation, derived from the

field experiences of leading OKR coaches.

A software tool is just that, a tool. The people and our way of cooperating as a team bring value to end-users and customers. If you believe that goal-setting is the way for a company and people to grow, learn and excel at delivering business results, then the OKR methodology is proven to be very good at that.

It is the execution of implementation at your organization that is difficult. A digital OKR tool can help, but it can also make the process an unnecessarily complex workout. The decision-makers often lack time to properly investigate the pros and cons of available solutions, which can be a costly mistake in the long run.

It is of paramount value that the tool does not limit your implementation and does not mold your process.

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