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Key concepts

Agile Tools Key Concepts Eagle Mountains
We believe tools should not drive you but the other way around.

At its core, goal-setting is based on the belief that goals are essential to achieving outstanding organizational success.

Three pillars

From silos to cross-functional teams

From project to product mindset

Goals as innovation drivers

Agile Tools three pillars

Set goals to build great products with your cross-functional teams.

Agile Tools Value Journey white glove red heart

Value journey

Value items are your daily work

Value units are what you create

A value stream is a path to value

Create a transparent value stream directly to your customers.


Organizational chart

Organizational to Value Units mapping

Agile Tools organization abstract-blue-architecture

Make it visible who is building what. Who is delivering value?

Agile Tools Structure Mission Vision


Mission & Vision

Strategy & Goals

Key Results, Metrics & KPIs

Create a tangible link between daily work and your mission.

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