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Three Pillars

Key Concept

Set goals to build great products with your cross-functional teams.


This could be one of your teams!

Team Goal Blue - Golden Lions - 2023 Q1.png

Pillar ONE The cross-functional Team

The Team is a first-class concept in Agile Tools - it is not an afterthought. If a family is a primary cell of our society, then a

cross-functional team is an elemental organizational cell. 

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Pillar TWO The Product

A shift is happening. A Project to Product mindset is riding its first wave. Don't just think and talk if you can finally use the concepts with your everyday toolset. You don't have to be limited by tools of the past!


Pillar THREE The Goal

If you are stuck with endless daily tasks, grinding them week-to-week, month-to-month with a vague or no purpose at all, then you are not alone. Creating Goals is not easy, but it sure is rewarding! With its innovative approach to implementing OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology, Agile Tools is here to help you and your organization.

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