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Key Concept

Create a tangible link between daily work and your mission.


“The leader turns the pyramid onto its head in order to serve others.”
-Ken Jennings

Mission Vision Strategy Goals Key Results Metrics KPIs

When buzzwords get a meaning

How many times have you heard words like the ones in the pyramid above and rolled with your eyeballs, seeking cover to dodge the awkward conversations? The complex world of corporate intricacies makes it difficult for leaders to present and employees to consume high-level views of their work, the very "Why", the meaning of the work they do.

OKRs are designed to bridge the chasm
from mission to daily tasks.

Only a structured approach with many soft-skilled techniques will deliver results. OKRs bring a cadence - a healthy heartbeat to your workplace. Your meetings will develop a data-driven check-in habit.

Let's get on the same page

A Mission is a statement at the highest level. It should capture the very "Why" of our existence as a company and should last one hundred years!

A Vision describes where our organization would like to be in several years from now. Long-lasting goals (OKRs) can be created for a Vision.

A Strategy can be visualized as quarterly/yearly goals, each part of one strategic area defined by you.

The teams' goals (OKRs) are the heart that beats in quarterly rhythm. An objective is a qualitative statement of what we want to achive.

Key Results are the essential building blocks of the OKRs. We write them as quantitative statements - they must contain numbers.

Metrics are measures of quantitative assessment often used for tracking performance. They refer to various data points (measurements) collected manually or generated in some automated way. Every Key Result should include a metric.

Key Performace Indicators (KPIs) are metrics that are most important to us in a specific period.

How will Sara and Peter know?*

Sara Dexter Agile Tools persona
Peter Mandelay Agile Tools persona

Everybody in an organization should know how they contribute to a greater cause, or, let's be honest, at least to the goals their team has committed to.

The daily work is connected to selected Key Results by linking Value Items to them, so at any time, Sara and Peter can see how their work impacts their objectives.

*Sara and Peter are our fictional characters (personas).

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