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Value Journey

Key Concept

Create a transparent value stream directly to your customers.


Value Units

Value Unit is an umbrella term for several general concepts, like product, project, service, program, and portfolio, to name a few. Agile Tools allows you to use the terms you are familiar with and not force you to use the lingo of other companies, frameworks, or practices. Not everything is a project.

Value Unit concept.png

The added value in Agile Tools is that you can create OKRs for any Value Unit you have defined on the platform. You are not limited to creating goals on Teams and Organizational Units. If you are using a prevalent Scrum framework at work, you can now join good practices as Scrum is very much goal-oriented. Setting goals on products you create goes remarkably well with OKRs.

Value Items

Value Item is a natural term that joins together all those little pieces of daily work. By default, it offers you a taxonomy that can give you a great insight into how your Value Units are built.

Value Item concept.png

Value Streams

Value Stream is a high-level construct representing how value flows through your organization's entities.

A Value Stream is a series of steps or activities an organization or individual undertakes to deliver a product, service, or project to a customer. It involves all the processes and activities required to create, produce, and deliver value to the customer, from the initial request or idea to the final delivery.

The Value Stream includes all the Value Units and Value Items involved in creating and delivering value to the customer, including the people, resources, technology, and processes used to perform these activities.

By mapping out the Value Stream, organizations can identify areas to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and increase customer value. This can help organizations to streamline their processes, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Value Streams are still under heavy thought process at our innovation factory. Stay tuned!

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