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Agile Tools Security abstract man keylock
We are committed to securing your strategy.

"What I found personally to be true was that it's easier
to manipulate people rather than technology." -
Kevin Mitnick

Your data

When you use your keyboard and mouse to interact with the Agile Tools, every stroke you make is encrypted and sent over information highway to the server that processes the request and responds in an equally secure form.

Your data is
safe in transit!

Security - Your data.png
Security - infrastructure.png


When your data arrives at the cloud provider where Agile Tools is hosted, it is physically protected with walls, alarms, 24/7 surveillance cameras, biometric access control, infrared perimeter cameras, and state-of-the-art fire prevention mechanisms.

Your data is safe at location!


Passwords are encrypted with an algorithm so resilient that a thousand years would not be enough to crack them.

Platform architecture and
powerful permission schemes make the multitenant solution possible.

Your data is safe in the application!

Security - application.png
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