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OKR alignment - vertical and horizontal

Hello, our dear goal-setting enthusiasts! We are working hard and smart, so you will be able to be even more efficient at your Objectives and Key Results planning and monitoring sessions. A new version (2022.21) is available.

Agile Tools is currently focusing on the OKRs and KPIs, but we will soon start delivering you more tactical features - task management in its finest form.

Let’s not get carried away; we know a thing or two about being laser sharp.

Until now, you could align your OKRs, but the app did not graphically visualize it. You can now switch the view from the default one to an “Alignment” view.

And not only that - now you can specify the alignment nature (or direction). It can be either vertical or horizontal. This is another aspect of the more progressive approach to connecting OKRs.

Agile Tools OKR Alignment view

You can still use the classical hierarchical approach, functional departments’ OKRs aligning up to company ones, but we give you the opportunity to try new modern techniques.

We like to release often, so you have something to tinker with, and we get the early feedback. Don’t be shy and leave suggestions at

Another small feature squeezed in is the fourth way to create a Key Result. The existing three versions are all wizard-driven, as we think we should guide you in creating good quality Key Results.

Now with the “Quick create” fourth option, you can type in the Key Result as you see fit, without any help from the tool.

Agile Tools Quick Create Key Result

Behind the scenes, we are still creating a fully modeled Key Result in its simplest type: Percentage.

To refresh you - there are six Key Result types supported in Agile Tools: Baseline, Increase, Decrease, Maintain, Milestone and Percentage. You can read more about them here:

For example, let’s say you entered “Get 100 signups“ in the Quick Create Key Result dialog. Before you publish it, you can still edit it like all others.

Here are all the six wizard steps of the Key Result editor:

As you can see, you can change just about everything.

What is coming next?

The Strategy “module” is what you will get in the next release. The first iteration will allow you to define high-level strategic concepts like Mission, Vision, and company Values and set OKRs on any of them.

Also, you will be able to create strategic areas and create long-lasting OKRs for them. Like there are four perspectives in the Balanced Scorecard methodology, you can put OKRs with appropriate metrics (now KPIs) as part of their Key Results in any of the Strategic Areas (like Perspectives). This effectively “merges” OKRs with BSC. We hope you will like the idea - we like to innovate.

For more information, see our public roadmap at

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