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Team Leads,
Upgrade tracking Objectives and Key Results from spreadsheets...

...and from other OKR software based on not so modern practices 

Agile Tools guides you with intelligent wizards that promote high-quality metric-based Key Results backed by a rich and educational in-app library

...and so much more

Delivering value to customers with agile techniques not found in leading market productivity tools is the end game. You might love what you see. "Look, Ma, no assignees!"

If you are struggling to manage...

Decades to century

01 - Mission - 75.png

Why do we exist?

Years to decades

We, as a company, in 5-10 years

Quarters to years

03 - Strategy - 75.png

How to win?

Quarters to years

Aspirational goals

Months to years

Measurable outcomes

Seconds to years

What to observe? are not alone.

The solution

Drive your strategy with a modern, team-first OKR & Work management solution.

Why is Agile Tools so effective?

for team leaders

Wizards promote high-quality metric-based Key Results...

...backed by a rich and educational in-app library

Monitor the progress of your Key Results

The daily agile work

We support organizations in delivering business strategy with our
new-age digital solution and 
people in fulfilling their professional growth.

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