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Agile Tools is making its first steps into the product management market. A new version (2023.1) is now available, introducing Value Items.

Value Items

JIRA has Issues, we have Value Items. We are bombarded with articles, books, and events where we read and hear how we should deliver value to our end users, to our customers; hence the term fits like a glove to this narrative.

Value Items is an umbrella term for a hierarchy of Tasks, Features, Epics, Stories, Bugs, and many more. With this release, we are offering you a glimpse into Task management.

Lists and filters tailored to you

With the initial release of Value Items, you can see a searchable list of “All Value Items” and some tailored filtered lists depending on your team, value unit, and organizational unit “membership”.

The new submenu is showing filters for:

  • My Value Items

  • Value Items for teams you are a member of

  • Value Items for any Value Units your teams are working on

  • Value Items for any Value Units that are owned by Org Unit you are in

The Value Item detail page

In an agile manner, starting with a bicycle, before the car is available, you have basic information and actions available.

You can transition between three states: To-do, In progress, and Done. Later you will have all the flexibility to create your own states and transitions. It is all worked out already.

In the spirit of product management and the pull versus push model, we use the term “Doer” instead of “Assignee”, because it is more neutral to both models.

The Workboard

There is a new submenu available for Boards. There are three kinds of boards available currently:

  • My Board: The default when you start using the platform.

  • Workboards: My Workboard and All Workboards. These are all Kanban-style boards where Value Items “travel” from left to right, from one state to another.

  • Goal Boards: A view on OKRs from different perspectives.

Every user on the platform gets their Workboard automatically. Not only every Agile Tools user but you also get Workboards for any Team, Value Unit, and Organizational Unit.

Every user on the platform has navigation items (boards, in this example) tailored for her/him.

What is coming next?

Now that the very foundation for managing Value Items is in place, we will start adding additional features, like the ability to create and edit comments on Value Items.

The second feature will be connecting your daily work to the Key Results in both directions. You will be able to connect Value Items with Key Results and vice versa to see with what day-to-day work you are pushing the needle to achieve the goals.

There will be enhancements for doing the OKR retrospective/review and the ability to create OKR clones, so you can reuse them and modify them for your next session.

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