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OKR Lifecycle

We are continuing with the deliverables - value to customers as soon as possible. A new version (2022.14) is available!

The lifecycle of each Goal is expected to go from Draft to Published, from Published to Active, from Active to Completed, and then to Success or Fail (both are learning experiences!).

The above path is the so-called “happy path”, but life is different, so you can transition each Goal to an Abandoned state if you feel it no longer brings any value.

The improvement we are bringing with version 2002.14 is the “MODIFY” button on the Goal detail page. You can imagine that changing the goals you have committed to and spending time crafting them with your co-workers is not something you should take lightly. It is not the intention to change course every week; that would defeat the purpose of OKRs.

But, we are all humans, we make mistakes, and the tools should not stay in your way but rather help you.

The reason for modifying an Objective or Key Results can vary from a simple typo you wish to correct all the way to completely change the types of Key Results, thresholds for scoring, and just about anything. If you already collected some values (measurements) at the Check-in, then, by editing the Goal, you can create some breaking changes. You will be notified and guided - we want your experience using the tool to be as smooth as possible.

Another minor but rather useful new feature is the content of the breadcrumbs at the top. On the Goal detail page, you will now see the name of the Team, the Value Unit, or the Organizational Unit this Goal belongs to. And a Home icon was added, so you can quickly navigate to your chosen home page from anywhere in the application.

What is coming next?

We believe in delivering small increments, so we intentionally release thin vertical slices of the product we envision.

Currently, when defining when the Key Result should end, you are limited to only two options. You will have more freedom to define the Key Result period in the next version. This period will, of course, still be bound by the Goal’s period, but you will be able to set the exact date when the Key Result should be achieved.

Also, the Settings pages will get some functionality needed for the SaaS platform, like editing user’s and organization’s account.

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