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The OKR Library

As we progress on our roadmap to Early Access, the summer release of Agile Tools is ready. A new version (2022.16) is available.

Up until now, you (our pilot companies) could only create Metric templates in the Library. You can use those to develop Key Results in their preferred form. Any Key Result we make should be based on a Metric. Of course, as we all learn the OKRs, not every Key Result will meet this criterion, but the recommended option is there for you to use.

Now, with version 2022.16, you will also be able to create Key Result and Goal templates. This means that the mechanics to fill the Agile Tools Library is ready - at least in its initial form.

Image 1 - Key Result template editor

We will use this feature to start populating the Library with OKR templates for all the platform users. You can use the templates as inspiration, and we hope it will ease the OKR implementation at your organization. The Library is intended to be a resource hub for you to learn. In the future, We will add more information to each template, so you can distill the information and make informed decisions on what is best to measure at any given moment.

Image 2 - Goal template editor (step 1)

The user account handling has also been upgraded. Under the My Account > General tab, you will now be able to edit all the fields with the help of autocomplete values (Job titles) that were previously unavailable. Fully customizable in the settings.

Image 3 - My Account editor

What is coming next?

With the completion of the Goal and Key Result templates creation and edit mechanic, the next step is to be able to use them in the OKR drafting.

We will add the third option, how to create a Key Result - from the Key Result template. As for Goals/Objectives, you will be able to create them based on OKR templates from the Library. A Library will become searchable.

Also, we will change the My Board, the initial default page. We will replace the Events card with the Accountability one, which will display the Goals you are the owner of and the Key Results of which you are the caretaker.

Stay tuned!

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