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OKR Hierarchy

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

A new version of Agile Tools is (2022.18) is open for our early adopters.

Until now, two boards were available: My Board and Team Goal Board. With 2022.18, two more Goal boards are here for you: Value Unit Goal Board and Organizational Unit Goal Board.

As you may know, there are three scopes for which you can create OKRs in Agile Tools. In traditional OKR software, you can set goals for the company, departments, and individuals. Often, if not always, the department is called, for example - “Sales team”. So, the word “team” is used interchangeably with the “department”. Not in Agile Tools.

Also, in traditional OKR usage, the word “level” is used, where the goals for the organization are at the highest level, the OKRs for individuals are at the lowest level, and all the others fill the hierarchy somewhere in between. Not so in Agile Tools, or better - we offer additional, less hierarchy-oriented classification. We use the term “scope”. You can still use the classic approach, but we promote cross-functional teams and setting goals for them.

We promote Agile, specifically, Scrum values and goal-setting recommendations, so it is only natural for you to be able to set Goals on products you build, services you offer, and projects you run. In Agile Tools lingo, that means creating OKRs for Value Units you define on the platform.

Agile Tools Value Unit Goal Board OKR
Image 1 - Value Unit Goal Board

Value Unit Goal Board is about getting people aligned around Goals set for our products, projects, programs, and others. You can see on the image above the Objective “Deliver smaller product increments faster” set for the product named Prodigy (see the tab at the top).

Two teams are orbiting the product Goal, Yellow Lions and Alpha Centauri. This way, you can visualize two teams building the Prodigy product.

And the second added Goal Board is for observing OKRs set with the Organizational Unit scope.

Agile Tiols Organizational Unit Goal Board OKR
Image 2 - Organizational Unit Goal Board

The Organizational Unit Goal Board visualizes OKRs for the company and all its defined organizational units.

In the image above, the product named Prodigy is orbiting the organization's goal. Every Organizational Unit can "link/own" any number of Value Units (products, projects, services,…)

We believe people are diverse in many ways, so we offer several different perspectives/pages/views to present Goals for you and your co-workers. Everybody should be able to use the tool in their way.

Knowledge Base

We also built a previously unannounced feature - a self-serve help portal available at, accessible with the Help button in the app navigation. You will also be able to access help content from within the in-app widget and initiate a chat with us for any support you would like to get.

We will gradually add more interactive guides to introduce the user interface and functionality to first-time users. We will be able to focus you on new features right where we will be implementing them.

What is coming next?

Early Access is coming. We will open the Agile Tools for a global audience as a full-fledged Software as a Service.

Join our mailing list, if you want to get notified.

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