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Key Results scoring

We aim to make your life easier by enhancing the experience using the Agile Tools OKR platform. A new version (2022.11) is available! The feedback from you is priceless, and for that, we are grateful.

When you draft a Key Result, an intelligent thing to do is to agree on the criteria by which you will be able to score each Key Result at the end of its period.

More often than not, without the scoring, this can be a messy event that can harm the OKR adoption process. You can already choose the scoring type in the Key Result’s creation wizard.

All scoring types have been consolidated and have better default values for thresholds between red, orange, green, and blue zones. For all of the scoring types, you will also be able to edit minimum and maximum values to fine-tune the gauge and line chart boundaries.

We hope you will be satisfied with the defaults in most cases, so less input from your side is needed. Of course, if you need adjustments, the power is at your fingertips.

As announced two weeks ago, the Baseline Key Result type got some love. It is the only Key Result type with only one scoring, which is - “No Scoring”. The intended purpose of using a Baseline is when you want to know the initial value. You can not improve if you have no baseline value.

So, when you create a Baseline Key Result, you are supposed to provide a value from which you will improve in the next quarter (for example). You can enter more than one value in the span of the Key Result period, and none is better than the other - it is up to you to decide. That is the reason for “No Scoring”. If you choose to improve this value, this value will be your “From” value in a new Key Result in the next period.

What is coming next?

The values you enter as part of the Check-in process will be editable more efficiently, and you will also be able to delete them. We will also enhance note editing for Key Results.

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