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Key Result values editing

We are bringing an anticipated functionality - the ability to edit end delete the values for Metrics and Key Results. A new version (2022.12) is available! We are grateful for your feedback. Please keep it coming!

Under the hood, the Agile Tools OKR platform implements some clever mechanics on how values are stored for every Key Result. There is one profound difference between the Key Result based on a Metric and a so-called generic Key Result.

We want to encourage you to create Key Results based on Metrics (from the library). You will be able to read the differences in detail in the upcoming documentation. Still, you have to know that once you start providing the data points (values) for some Key Result that includes a Metric, the values can be shared with other Key Results. The values are stored in the Metric instance, which can be reused at some later time or even presented outside the Key Result context.

We added the ability for you to edit the values once they are collected with the Check-in. You will no longer have to go to the Check-in, find the date or date period and then change the value - you will now be able to change it in-line in the data table.

Also, in the data table, you will now be able to delete the value. The deletion can affect other Key Results which share the same Metric, but instances have a defined scope. So, for example, the values for Recurring Revenue for product A will not share values with the instance of Recurring Revenue for some Organizational Unit.

Notes for Key Results got an upgrade too. They can now be created independently of the Check-in process and can also be edited and deleted.

We hope you will find the improvements beneficial to you.

What is coming next?

The current implementation of check-in for the Milestone Key Result type requires a user to type in the percentage (or drag the thresholds-aware slider) even in the case of multiple steps defined to reach the milestone. It requires a user to know how many percentages each step contributes to reaching 100%. We will change the user interface to present a checkbox for each step of the Milestone type Key Result which will, in addition, also visually present you the color-coded thresholds you set at Key Result creation.

Another improvement will be the creation mechanics and the check-in process for the Percentage type Key Result. Right now, you are only able to use a linear scale from 0 to 100 in increments of one. We want to offer you additional flexibility with the addition of the discrete option of following the Percentage type Key Result completion. You will be able to create, for example, “Get 4 high-profile leads” Percentage type Key Result where each lead will automatically get you 25 out of 100 percent. You will not have to calculate the percentage in your head anymore at the Check-in time.

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