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Early adopters - welcome!

A lot has happened in months behind us. The Agile Tools digital B2B Software as a Service product is slowly but surely beginning to shape. It is only appropriate to mark a product milestone with a complete product web page makeover. Small celebrations along the way feel excellent and satisfying.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) market is rapidly growing, yet it's still young and full of opportunities. The digital tools are still evolving, and we bet on lessons learned from the analog world. The theory and best practices also have advanced. We want Agile Tools to be the first to take advantage of those learnings. And you!

We are looking for early adopters and partners who will taste how a new-age approach to assisting you on your goal-setting journey feels. Quality is not a late-game feature in Agile Tools. Apply for a test ride - we will be with you not only with the tool but also with OKR mentorship.

Agile Tools log in dialog
Agile Tools log in dialog

We want to develop a pristine relationship with our first clients creating a win-win business game. We will open the platform for a wider audience for a free trial later, in the spring months. We want our product to blossom with you on board.

You can have a Minimum Viable Product right now, which by our research, delivers more fresh features than some of the more established OKR digital products in the market.

Have a look at the Features page to have a glimpse of what to expect. Explore the website to see if it resonates with your experiences. We want to create new stories with you, to bring the best out of people, not resources. 💙

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