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Can Key Results end before the Goal?

Short answer - some can, but at least one should end when the goal does.

Another product development cycle has just ended - a new version (2022.15) is available - and the next iteration has already begun.

Some early adopters have quickly discovered the need to have more freedom in defining when we should achieve the Key Result. Of course, still within the bounds of the Goal (Objective) period.

From this version onwards, you will be able to specify that a Key Result for a 2022 Goal can end, for example, in Q3 or in August, that is - before the Goal ends.

As you may know, you can create the Key Result in one of two ways (for now):

  • based on a Metric, and

  • a generic Key Result that does not include a Metric from the Library.

A Key Result created based on a Metric inherits the so-called Data Period for which you provide the value.

For example, a Key Result, “Decrease Absenteeism from 9% to 7%.” includes a Metric Absenteeism. You can only create such a Key Result if a Metric exists in the Library. When a Metric template is created, one of its properties is the Data Period, which can be one of Month, Quarter, or Year.

This informs the user of the preferred cadence of providing data. For Absenteeism, the Data Period is Month, so when the Key Result is created based on the Absenteeism metric, you are expected to provide data for every month for the duration of the Key Result.

Now, to return from this sidetrack info - let’s continue with 2022.15 new features.

For the generic Key Results, you can get even more specific about when you expect the Key Result to be achieved. You can pick a specific date within the boundaries of the Goal period. For example: “Increase Product Profit Margin from 18% to 25% by June 21st”.

Some behind-the-scenes functionality is also part of this release, namely the ability to manage organizational settings better. With the industries list, we are laying the groundwork for when Metrics in the Library will be classified - by industry.

What is coming next?

Currently, you can create only simple Metric templates. The Library will also host other resources, like Key Results and Goals (Objectives) templates. The editor for those templates will be available for us and you, so they can be used as inspiration in your next OKR creation cycle.

Also, we will further develop improvements for account management.

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