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Agile Tools Reboot

Agile Tools has reached a second turning point in its lifecycle. The first one was about a year ago when we realized the current product and its business model is not going to work. A lot has changed in a year, company and product-wise.

The time has come to put the old version of the product off-line and prepare for the new launch, again, in an agile manner, step by step, feature by feature. We all know and firmly believe that collecting feedback is a valuable course of action during the complex product creation process.

A year ago, we produced a product explainer video, and soon after we were hit with a reality check, our funding source dried up. This video, which is still available, communicated the OKR framework blended uniquely with metrics, Key Performace Indicators. There is no unique and accepted vocabulary explaining concepts like the ones just mentioned and others, like measures, measurements, goals, objectives, targets, etc.

Anyway, in this explainer video, I envisioned the tool's future, which is only now, with some important additions, beginning to take shape. We did not put goals in the spotlight. Now they play a central role, as Agile Tools implements the OKR framework, of course, with unique and, hopefully, innovative principles.

With the realization that some meals just can not be served with missing some core ingredients, a new prototype is being built which I hope will reach you sooner than later.

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