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Updated: Mar 12

A tool for organizations needs some features like accounts governance. Agile Tools is already offering mechanics to invite users to be connected to the organization’s account. The first user that creates an account goes through the onboarding process and “claims” an organization. This makes the user an organization’s account owner.

To manage the organization’s account go to My Profile:

and click Manage organization’s account button at the bottom of the screen.

You will see three sections there: General, Users, and Delete Account. In the General tab, one can change the organization’s name, country, and industry.

If one wants to invite a colleague to collaborate on the same organization, he or she must be an account owner. In the current implementation (2.1.x) the first name, last name, email, and role have to be filled in before the invitation is sent. This way the invitation will be more personal.

Remember – people first, tools and processes are just that – tools.

Adding a user opens a form to enter the user’s first name, last name, email, and role. The roles are now Scrum-oriented and hardcoded but the functionality will inevitably be expanded as we further shape the product. Clicking the Invite button will send an email to the user with the instructions.

The invitee will also go through the onboarding process, but the organization will be preselected and non-editable. We might optimize the process of joining the organization so that invitee will not have to confirm the account creation.

Release often and early is more important to us.

Disabling and removing a user from the organization are two additional options an account owner can use. Disabling a user will prevent him or her to log in. Removing a user will render him or her organization-less, so at the next log-in attempt he or she will have to create or select a different organization.

An account owner can promote any successfully joined user to also become an account owner. In the future, we will introduce more roles, like the billing one.

Another option we are currently working on and will be available to an account owner is to generate an API key to access Agile Tools REST endpoints.

Stay tuned to get more updates.


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