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A generic Key Result wizard simplified

We are happy to announce that a new version (2022.10) of Agile Tools OKR (Objectives and Key Results) platform is available! The feedback from you is priceless, and for that, we are grateful.

There are currently two different ways to create a Key Result:

  • A generic Key Result or

  • A Key Result based on a Metric.

From version 2022.10 onwards, the creation of the first one is simplified. We removed Step 6 from the generic Key Result creation wizard, so you no longer have to specify the Data Period for collecting the data. This removal has several consequences. Most notably, the Check-in experience will be different.

Now, you will be able to provide the data (the measurement, the value) for any chosen date within the Key Result’s period. You will also be able to provide the value with the color-coded slider or a common input field. The colors reflect the thresholds you have set at the Key Result creation time.

What is coming next?

All Scoring thresholds will have better defaults and the same user experience. Currently, some Scoring types demand that you set thresholds for minimum and maximum value, and some do not allow you to do that. Also, we will hide some of them by default, but you will be able to switch the fields on and make the changes if you wish so.

The Baseline Key Result type will also receive some love.

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