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Let's create an environment where anyone can be a light bulb!

How can Agile Tools help teams?

More opportunities for growth and a chance to create Mondays a great workday ;-)

A sense of purpose

Imagine that a company's mission and vision are not only fancy words published at more or less visible locations. Imagine that company's leadership has taken an extra step to define long-turn goals at the highest level, maybe even for the vision itself.

If you, as a team lead, or a team member, can align to these goals you will suddenly have a greater sense of your personal contribution.

If you, however, do not need a purpose, well - you can help out your colleagues ;-)

Professional growth

By having the opportunity to influence how the goals are created - instead of only being presented with them by your manager or not having them at all, you suddenly have an excellent opportunity to learn.

By creating the Key Results, you can agree with your managers to do experiments while simultaneously aligned vertically and horizontally with your peers.

It is like a free voucher to grow professionally.

Structure at work

People at companies deliver value to end-users in vastly different manners.


OKRs can act as a missing link if you have challenges with your work process. They can connect broader goals with the daily grind with monthly or quarterly goals for the team you are part of.

See how Agile Tools can help

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