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Agile Leaders

Let's create an environment where anyone can be a light bulb!

How can Agile Tools help agile leaders?

Having an Evidence-Based Management platform at hand to show the value Scrum* is providing.

*Agile is an umbrella term, Scrum is one of the Agile practices, frameworks.

Spreading Scrum values

Facilitate setting goals for teams, selected by each team, fostering cooperation. Each team selects its metrics, and the importance of this can not be stressed enough!


No command-and-control paradigm here where managers select measures for their subordinates. Also, a safe environment is a must.

Commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect.

Professional growth

Measurably improve the development team engineering & process skills contributing to increased business agility of the organization.

The metrics are here to bring the attention of a team to start discussing possible techniques for improvement. We believe there is a bright side to metrics.

We believe metrics can help you get better!

Evidence-Based Management

Increase Ability to Innovate and other Key-Value areas and get valuable evidence of progress.


Scrum Master can use an emerging EBM framework from to promote a holistic approach on measurements.

See how Agile Tools can help

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