How can Agile Tools help product managers?

Having no insight into the product-related metrics leads to sub-optimal performance.

Create predictable delivery

Several product-oriented metrics are available to give actionable pointers where to invest some time in adapting current techniques in day-to-day work at building a product.

All metrics on the Agile Tools platform are classified into three scopes: organizational units, value units (product, project, initiatives, ...), and team ones.

Business-oriented metrics

Do you have just a feeling that something is wrong in your value stream? Do you know where your product development bottlenecks are?


Join financial metrics with metrics for HR, marketing, IT, sales, and you will get a better picture of how the strategy is being executed.

Data-driven decisions

Where to invest time & money? Set goals to include metrics such as Customer Usage Index and make informed and not often costly, gut-feeling decisions.

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