About Agile Tools

Agile Tools is currently a Goal Management tool, offering you unseen integration of strategy, OKRs, and metrics. The vision of the Agile Tools is much bolder, becoming a true tool for the Age of Software by shifting the mindset from Projects to Products.


We are introducing new vocabulary, like Value Units, Value Items, Value Streams, and treat Teams as first-class citizens, shifting away from individuals. We believe goals, products, and teams are the future of successful business operations.

Concepts of Strategy and Goal Management

Having a mission, a vision, a strategy is one thing, executing it, is another business. Agile Tools can help you by having a framework, a digital assistant, for your day-to-day operations on your strategy execution journey. You can call it digital transformation, agile transformation, or any change management suite.

The flavor of change is yours to add, Agile Tools promotes, as the name implies - agile values, principles, and techniques.

Frequently asked questions

Is Agile Tools a released product?

No. Until the new application is available, we will be adding content, like the Metrics Library that you will be able to use in the final product.

Is Agile Tools a free service?

Yes, for now.

Is this product only for software organizations?

No, but we will start with a greater emphasis on metrics for software development. Later we will be adding metrics from all industries for all organizational units.

I am interested in the Agile Tools development roadmap. Can we cooporate in any way?

Yes. In fact, we are looking for pilot companies to work with. Please get in touch!

What do I get by registering?

For now, you get to view the details of metrics available in the Metrics LIbrary.

The OKR Pyramid