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We are now in Early Access, globally!

We invite you to try an innovative approach to setting and monitoring OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Let's say we had a big dopamine release by opening this team-oriented progressive tool to a global audience. We want you to feel the same after achieving your goals!

Agile Tools open now globally

What makes Agile Tools different from other OKR software?

Team-first design

Agile Tools OKR platform builds on the idea of breaking away from a classical approach to setting goals on three levels: organization, department, and personal. In most cases, the term "team" is a synonym for a group of people in the same department. Not in Agile Tools.

Guided OKR creation

Objectives are not measurable, and key results are not output tasks. With wizards, we help you create OKRs in their preferred form.


Agile Tools saves you many hours of searching online sources for metric and OKR templates. A dedicated library is there for you to learn and to have the examples ready, shortening your OKR planning sessions.

There are other advantages.

We build bridges and not encouraging silos.


No other OKR software implements a concept of creating thresholds up-front at key result drafting. This technique prevents friction at the end of the OKR cycle when every key result has to be evaluated.

OKRs for Value Units

Unique to Agile Tools. Value Unit is an umbrella term for products, projects, programs, services, and anything you build or offer as a company. Creating OKRs on these is only natural. It is an innovation and an evolution of the OKR framework.

Clean & minimalistic design

We believe software should be designed in the simplest possible form, hiding advanced features and configurable for everyone - based on their role or other preferences. Not everyone is a project manager - different views to suit every persona.

Unique pricing model

You do not pay per seat; we are not a movie theater. Agile Tools is an OKR platform and brings you value when you can create and monitor quality Objectives and Key Results. We charge for active goals in the previous month plus a small flat fee to keep you engaged. OKRs are all about "less is more", meaning you should not create a large set of OKRs, so the pricing also encourages good practices. Can you beat that?

What is coming next?

A single subscription plan will be available at the beginning. When more functionality is implemented, we will introduce different pricing schemes. Some of the planned features are available here.

We have a public Roadmap available at where you can also submit your feedback and vote what you want to be build next.

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